Tuesday, November 20, 2007

G. Willow Wilson on NPR

As some of you know I was a contributor for several months over at eteraz.org, as that web site was going through some transitions. During that time I had a brief overlap and was a fellow blogger with G. Willow Wilson, a young journalist and writer, and one of the original writers at eteraz. Having lived in Egypt for some time, she has recently returned to the states and has published a graphic novel entitled Cairo.

She was interviewed today by Neal Conan on NPR's "Talk of the Nation". If you missed her, I encourage you to go over to npr.org and check her out, or to check out the graphic novel itself which is on sale at amazon as well as a comic shop near you.

We wish you the best and continued success GWW,


G. Willow said...

Thank you, Lawrence! I appreciate the kind words.

Lawrence of Arabia said...

i thought the interview went very well, btw. and i am waiting for amazon to deliver my copy as we speak. :)

Aysha said...

Thank you for drawing attention to it. The interview is quite intriguing, and I will try to get a hold of the book as soon as possible. Me like like graphical novels ^_^