Thursday, February 22, 2007

back in the desert again

hello to anyone still reading!

it has been a good month and a half since i posted and many things have happened including my annual bout of winter depression and anxiety: fun, fun. why am i so arrogant every year as to think, this year it will be different? if i can be permitted self-indulgent moping for a few moments -- and since i am probably the only one reading at this point, why not -- i reach that point where answering the phone becomes a serious challenge and is exhausting.

anyway, i came back from the holidays and completely crashed. this, combined with a move into a new home, and the beginning of a new semester of teaching, has made for no writing. hopefully this has now passed.

i have missed reading and interacting with so many of you. i hope you are well. i owe a special thanks to koonj and roohi hussain. koonj because she promoted this blog last year, and roohi, who read that promotion and put me in contact with people she knew. i am now in the process of writing an article on the art of iman maleki and alaleh alamir for the pakistani journal NUKTA. thank you very much. that opportunity has made me very happy.

best wishes to everyone, and i will be talking more here soon,


koonj said...

At last.

I'm sorry you had winter depression. Bummer. But it's over inshaallah.

So happy to know that roohi helped put you in touch with some folks and you'll be writing for NUKTA. Excellent. I look forward to reading your article.

We missed you. Need our resident nerd back.

Irving said...

Salaam Dear LoA:

Alhamdulillah, that the winter doldrums have passed and you are back to writing. I for one have missed your wise postings.

Welcome back :)

Ya Haqq!

thekingpin68 said...

Hi Lawrence,

Depression at times is a struggle for many Christians I suppose. I deal with it sometimes, especially when I am most fatigued. Thankfully friends and work, including bogging often helps to improve an outlook with God's help.


Lawrence of Arabia said...

thank you all. i am very happy to be back and feeling much better. i happy to be present in all my nerdliness.

btw, shabana, if you are, by any chance a serious reader of adorno, i could return the publication favor i believe. as if you needed something else to write...but just in case, the offer is there.


Um Mahtab said...

I was wondering where you went! Welcome back :)

Lawrence of Arabia said...

is it just my imagination, or am i locked out of your blog?

is that our punishment for being away too long? ;)

seriously, happy to see you as well. thanks for the nice note.


Um Ibrahim said...

Welcome back!

Can't help you with the winter depression, as you know got the same thing here;)

Congrats, for the new house and job:)

Path2Hope said...

Congrats and welcome back! You've been missed. I thought you forgot about your blog:)

koonj said...

ah, you take me for a greater nerd than I am. No German philosophy here, if that's what you mean.

Lawrence of Arabia said...

pretend he is a sociologist ;)

Tasmiya said...

Welcome back!

Sorry to hear of your bout of depression but alhamdulillah you are recovering.

Moving house wouldn't have helped. Very stressful. Inshaallah you have settled well into your new place.

Baraka said...

I checked periodically & wondered if you were ok - good to know that you're feeling the sun come out.

Welcome back!


Lawrence of Arabia said...

tas: yes the new house has been wonderful, now that we are unpacked and settled in. of course, now, unlike before, i wince everytime i bump the vacuum cleaner into the wall, or everytime someone walks on the hardwoods in their shoes....but i can live with that. and being back in normal rhythm has definitely made things a lot better. it is good to see you again.

baraka: yes indeed, the sun is shining once again. i am not a big fan of winter, i must admit. 4 seasons are over-rated. a nice year around summer would be nice. i liked saudi. there was really hot in the summer, and just hot in the winter. im trying to figure out how i can move back to the desert. :D i am really glad you are still around and dropped by.

best wishes,