Saturday, February 24, 2007

night prayer (after reading christina rossetti)

Sholem Krishtalka, "Hagar in the Wilderness" (2005)

That Sin would not hold me,
that Grace would drive my actions,
that Truth would would be my model,
Love my life and
You would call me Beloved,
I humbly ask,



Um Ibrahim said...

Simply beautiful:)

Lawrence of Arabia said...

we are all hagar in the wilderness at some point in our lives arent we?


Um Mahtab said...

how's your Lady of Shallott? Does she update this blog sometimes too? ^_^ She should! hehee

Lawrence of Arabia said...

along with the move that we have been undertaking, She has been undertaking learning a new job, which, as you can imagine, is just a whole 'nother level of stress (and yet, oddly, i am the one who gets the anxiety?!? She is amazing.) in any case, She has not been able to participate a great deal. i used to do movie reviews on our old blog which were really largely inspired by her (she is the real movie nut in this relationship), but her schedule has kept that from happening lately, and it doesnt seem likely to change for the next several months as she makes the adjustment to the new responsibilities.

we are still looking for ways to integrate her back in, because she is not overly fond of writing but continues to enjoy reading the blogs. hopefully we will find that way soon.

she will be very happy when i tell her you asked about her. :D


Anonymous said...

I am at that point now. I hadn't thought about it this way. thank you.
Salaams Jamila Lighthouse

Lawrence of Arabia said...

thank you for stopping by. i hope things go well for you.


JamilaLighthouse said...

May I link to you?

Lawrence of Arabia said...

of course. i would be honored.

best wishes,