Sunday, November 26, 2006

a short rebuttal (marcella sends a note of reply to her husband porphyry)

Iman Maleki, "Dizziness" (2003?)

you wrote it out in chapter and verse, line by line.

i read between the lines. i can see what you are not saying. you wish to speak with certainty, but i make you doubt, make your hand tremble. you wish to speak rationally, logically, and you hate me for filling you with passion, for finding the emotion of your words. i relativize your objectivity; i pull the ground out from under your speech. your words float about the page. i am too close? mine is a real body, and i will break through all the words you use to contain me. the page will burst from the strain. i am the interruption and i am here to stay.



Irving said...

haha just perfect. It could be Love itself speaking those words to her cool and rational lover. haha. Thank you for that.

Ya Haqq!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I want it on my wall. Huge.

That's me! (Well, other than the beard and stuff.)

Or are the newspapers flying because something just burned? If so, that's sad. But I see the picture and think of someone who loves to read but overwhelmed by too much reading material, too little time.

Lawrence of Arabia said...

maleki is a very strong artist and getting better all the time.

when his bandwidth is not being exceeded you can find his home page and a number of his paintings at