Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Patricia Larsen, "White Beach #4" (2005)

there are moments between the unconscious and waking where one falls off the edge of the map and drowns in a sea that you thought was only ink. someone had told you to be careful, as you walked to the edge: green lined by black. but it was after all, only a map. since when did lines on paper kill anyone?

i cannot count the dead.



aliana said...

It is said that dreams reveal something about ourselves but what do lucid dreams reveal?

Lawrence of Arabia said...

lucid dreams are exercises in fantasy. precisely because of their lucidity (i.e. transparency -- the pure piercing of light) they lack the revelatory character of the dream: they are see through: castles in the sky. in the lucid dream one ignores the contradictions of the real and tries to pretend it is possible to walk on air. it is the beautiful soul who is ultimately crushed by the weight of reality.

ok, so much for the philosophical answer. i haven't ever experienced lucid dreaming :/ what the hell do i know?