Monday, June 4, 2007

new blog of the month:

Every month Theology Blogs, a Christian blog roll, showcases one of its blogs through the Blog of the Month. Having had the honor of being chosen as the Blog of the Month for the Month of May by Peter over at Coming Home, I now have the honor of choosing the Blog of the Month for June. So, in that capacity, I proudly present

To my mind this is one of the most interesting Roman Catholic blogs in existence, and as a Catholic myself I am going to indulge in a bit of nepotism. Michael explores a variety of themes that one would expect to see in someone so obviously influenced by Dorothy Day: political theology, social justice, the problem of violence, war, the state, etc, and he does this in a manner that invites discussion and contemplation, embodying the ethos of peace which he advocates. While I personally I have my own issues with the positions generally associated with the Catholic Worker, it is, at present, one of the few movements within American Catholicism that is resistant to identifying the faith with one loci or another of the culture of political liberalism, and for this it must not only be applauded but also warmly supported in broad areas of its social and ecclesial criticism.

By way of an introduction to Michael’s thought I draw the readers attention to two posts:

1. Memorial Day and the Religious Syncretism of the State

2. Howard Zinn on Families as “Pockets of Insurrection”

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