Thursday, July 5, 2007

now rated for your convenience

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according to the site that issued the rating, i say 'shit' alot and discuss sexuality and violence in a graphic manner. consider yourself warned.

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Rawi said...

Heh. They rated me likewise. Apparently because I frequently refer to suicide, sex, death, and gay!

thekingpin68 said...


Both of my blogs receive the NC-17 as well.

thekingpin68 because I discuss...

death (134x) hell (65x) pain (57x) dangerous (13x) dead (11x) murder (7x) hurt (4x) abortion (3x) dike (2x) kill (1x)

satire and theology because I discuss...

death (13x) hell (9x) gay (8x) missionary (5x) pain (4x) hurt (3x) murder (2x) zombie (1x)


Um Ibrahim said...


Lawrence of Arabia said...

i don't know what to say umm ibrahim. apparently criticizing porn gets me lumped in with all the porn-suppliers.

the rating is solely determined by scanning the blog for language. so when it picks up on words like sex and porn it gave me a adult rating.

i know i have not made a comment recently over at your blog, but i am still enjoying your beautiful photos and your recent posts on how "weird" you supposedly are.

best wishes,