Sunday, December 10, 2006

i am marie antoinette

here i sit in my castle, the world a disordered mess. we like to pretend that we are just ordinary folk, "middle class", as if the privelege of being the bougeoisie were indeed normal. but i am not really that confused. the truth is that we are the aristocracy, floating above it all until the masses decide they have had enough. there will be another french revolution and i will be found guilty. ought i to "give away all [i] have to the poor" so i might be poor too? no, the game of 'voluntary poverty' is the manner by which those who are wealthy go out to mock the poor in the very homes and streets in which they struggle to make lives. the poor do not want more poverty, they want justice. since they cannot have justice they will take us to the guillotine instead: treason against humanity. guilty? oh indeed guilty. but here i sit in my castle, the world a disordered mess. what else do i have to give them: "let them eat cake".



Irving said...

No reason to lose your head over it.

Lawrence of Arabia said...

sadly, the inability to attain justice often leads humanity to replace it with vengeance.

il commandante said...

ah, so you're the bourgeoisie. i've been looking for you. i'm the proletariat, and i've come to tell that that your time is up. henceforth, your greedy capitalist exploitation of my people will no longer be tolerated.