Saturday, December 16, 2006


Christopher Cousins, "Dark Matter" (2004)

there is your body
the mass: the horror of weight
and there is
the dark: the comfort of weight

i did not need and did not ask for this
this is not what i was promised
the tangle
of lies and madness
the shaping of self so that i could
hide in the dark



Suroor said...

Wow! That was deep and so beautiful!

irving said...

A perfect painting for the excellent and Sufi-like poem. We did not ask for this, but there is something we are meant to learn while we are here.

Ya Haqq!

Lawrence of Arabia said...

thank you both. am glad you liked the painting, irving; and anytime you want to call my work "sufi-like" you go right ahead!! suroor, in the words of flannery o'connor, "ahs jus' writes". i have a very hard time judging my own material. so thank you very much for your encouragement.

best wishes,

Um Ibrahim said...

Beautiful painting:)