Monday, March 19, 2007

academics don't do it for money...

She: So, do you get anything for being the editor of an edited volume?

LoA: The satisfaction of a job well done?


She: I hear the post-office is hiring.


Irving said...

LoA: Is the post office hiring? I can use the money. Uh, do they check fingerprints for past criminal records or do drug testing?

She: Yes they do both.

LoA: They do? Uh oh!


koonj said...

she's right! I've been lusting after PO jobs for a while now.

Weird, I have a post reflecting on the nature of academic jobs festering in my drafts folder.

Lawrence of Arabia said...

irving i am going to remember that in case i need it in the future :)

koonj: i knew you would appreciate this one.

best wishes,