Wednesday, March 7, 2007

elissa: queen of pop

i have to admit, my brain is in neutral tonight. so i am going to post more music videos. this time it is elissa: the queen of arabic pop. like nancy ajram she is also from lebanon. i offer these mostly commentary free (don't get used to it ;) ). i would only like to note that, unlike the ajram videos from a few nights back, these for elissa are not plot driven in any way. instead they focus on her person. this is especially true in the recent "bastannak" where she is on the move and placed in a variety of settings. in each case the encounters she has with men (conjoined with the peripheral nature of the other women) only reinforces her iconic status allowing her to remain a direct object for the (implied male) viewer/listener.

enjoy the wonderful music of elissa.

Elissa, "Bastannak", Bastannak (2006)

I wait for you, my love
and..I wish to live my whole life by your side
I do not know how long love will keep your passions burning
But I never forgot all that was between us....

Elissa, "Aghmal Ehsas", Aishalak (2002)

The best feeling in the world is to love like crazy
and that is what is between me and you.
You made me live days full of longing and passion;
Your love dissolved me....

Elissa, "Aishalak", Aishalak (2002)

I am living for you the most beautiful years
of my life,.. oh gleam of my eye.
And in my heart, oh baby, there is desire
And passion ever since the first day of your love...


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