Tuesday, March 13, 2007

thoughts inspired by sitemeter

1. the easiest way to get hits from the middle east, apparently, is to write posts on nancy ajram. new ajram posts will follow soon in an effort to pander to my newfound blurker community. :D

2. as a professor i have never been a fan of the internet. students seem to constantly mistake doing a google search for doing research. that said, i do hope all those college students who keep hitting my site by searching for critiques of the grand odalisque are giving me footnote credits. plagiarism is evil.

3. yes, oh ye evangelicals, the gospel of luke does in fact say that having money is bad bad bad. it will send you to hell. stopping looking for ways around it. on the bright-side, the gospel of matthew just says you should be poor in spirit. that should help your poor spirit sleep better at night.

4. second thought inspired by the number of hits on the "grand odalisque" post: wow, this whole 'islam and women' thing is a big deal isn't it? just imagine how many hits i would get if i actually wrote about it.

5. most disturbing google hit ever: [and i am not making this up] "eastern european male foot worship"

best wishes,


Aisha said...

you know when researching for a paper on dowry violence I found some really cool blogs on it but i knew i couldnt exactly quote from them for a legal journal! lol.

Lawrence of Arabia said...

oh i certainly use google quite a bit myself; and blogs will often point you to what are in fact useful sources etc.

but it kills me when a student puts a footnote in for www.mynameisfred.com in an academic paper. thats right up there with citing rush limbaugh as a source....which, yes, has happened. *sigh*

on the other hand, citing your source is better than plagiarizing it and trying to away with it.