Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a message to my loved ones

"I am losing my voice calling you, speak to me, tell me the truth"
-Jacques Derrida, The Post Card

John Everett Millais, "Bubbles" (1886)

Postcards are alienations from life
the two-dimensionalization of existence

They are symbols of how beauty can be disconnected from context
until it is a superfluous gesture

They do not say, 'wish you were here'
but 'where are you?'
('where am I?')

I am trapped in flatness



Anonymous said...

A person I loved sent me a spate of postcards with portraits of beauties/geniuses on the front... he didn't express his love to me in direct words, only in the occasional gesture. His postcards were as enigmatic and incomplete as his words. You've managed to remind me of the strange presence of them quite perfectly.


Lawrence of Arabia said...

thank you. and i am a big fan of anyone who uses the word "spate" :D.


A. said...

aw, thanks! :) I am smiling widely.

(PS: in case you're wondering, found my way over from Koonj a while back and I've been blurking since).



Lawrence of Arabia said...

well i am very happy to have you here. in fact i think i owe a good number of my readers to koonj, so you are in good company.

i look forward to less blurking and more commenting in your future ;)