Sunday, March 18, 2007

I have been invited to move my writing over to, and I have agreed. Why they want this Christian gora I have no idea, but I do consider it a joy to be working alongside a group of people whose cause I believe to be a good one.

"Revolt in the Desert" will not be going away, at least for now, but I do hope you will come by and see how the "Revolt in the Desert" fits in with the work being done by others.

My thanks go to Ali, Willow and Thabet for extending this invitation,

Best wishes to everyone,

p.s. the long awaited (??) who-is-LoA post that Koonj requested before Christmas will be up tomorrow as 'the bio of LoA' on eteraz. you can find it by clicking on "About" at the top of the site.

p.p.s is now up.


A. said...

Hi LoA,

Congratulations on becoming an Eteraz writer. But I have a request: please do maintain this website of yours for the original flavour and art/world-view it brings. Whatever its merits, the eteraz community is good at doing one particular set of things alone and I would like to be able to enjoy the softer/deeper things at your website still without it being coloured by the particular atmosphere that marks community forums.



Lawrence of Arabia said...

thanks for the feedback. that is precisely the kind of thing i wanted to know.

i think my plan for now is continue to post here, while at the same time reminding folks of the work being done over at eteraz.

it is such a comfy, happy, lil group of people here, and i like it.

best wishes,